I want to display a modal like the one below (image 1).

modal is displayed for a moment

I can not edit the combo box. (Figure below (image 1) capture is modal during debugging)

[image 1]

Please teach how to wait for user's operation (ex: change combo box and press OK button) while modal does not disappear immediately.

By the way, we have attached the capture of the action flow to display modal on the screen in the figure below (image 2).

[image 2]

Hello Rio Toyoda,

You would have to end the screen action after ToggleModal. Then make new screen actions containing the logic you want to have following the submission of the modal input. Those screen actions are to be triggered by the OK button of the modals.

I hope this answers your question.

Hi Rio Toyoda,

    Can you explain what are you trying to do in the above flow, so that it will be helpful for me to help you.



Hi Mattias Rundberg,Gowtham

It seems that this phenomenon happened because the check box was used for the trigger to output modal.

It is considered that control can not be performed because the method can not be specified in the check box.

If you know how to implement triggers with modal output with check box well, please teach me!