Create a Link with a Destination from Data

I am working in version 11 from the cloud. 

  1. I have a data table whose data I'm displaying in a grid (webpage table).
  2. The data table has two pieces of data: a File Descriptor and a File Path.
  3. I want to display the File Descriptor in the grid and have it Link to the File Path.
  4. I'm able to insert the File Descriptor into the grid and add a link.
  5. But I cannot set the Destination of the link to the File Path.
How is this done? Is there any way to set the Destination of a Link to a piece of data?


Hi Kevin Martens,

     I think the attached OML will help you. You have to add an externalsite and add an input parameter "URL" for that. Then link the file descriptor to this external site and pass the filepath as the value for the input parameter "URL". Then publish. That's it

     Hope this helps.



That seems to be working.