[Google Maps Mobile] Draw polyline using Google Maps Mobile plugin

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Published on 3 Jul by Labs
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Published on 3 Jul by Labs

Hi all,

Is drawing polyline using Google Maps Mobile plugin possible?

I have coordinates that I would want to draw as polyline.

I plan to use AddPolylineToMap server action to accomplish this.

My objectives is:

To draw polyline on the map without having the user to click on the button. From the http://apps.outsystems.com/GoogleMapsDemo/Polyline.aspx example meant for web, we have to click on the Draw Polyline button for the polyline to be shown.

I want to accomplish this on mobile app. AddPolylineToMap is available as server action on the mobile app.

It's easy to draw multiple markers but I can't figure out how to draw polyline between coordinates to indicate the route.