Is there any way to use both Custom Masks and Calendar appropriately


I'm trying to implement input widget with the date format "yyyy-MM-dd" and using Input Calendar.

I've found the forge Custom Input Masks which realize to show in the widget with the format. This is good.

And when I also tried to use Input Calendar widget with the same input widget, the initial value there always appear wrongly. (The format is appropriate, but the value is wrong.)

When I use the Custom Input Masks alone, without calendar, it works. 

But I want to use calendar widget as well. Is there any way to let both widget work?



I was able to use them both easily with this configuration:

Can you replicate your problem in a test module so I can see whats your problem? What you mean by wrong value?




Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for the advice. It works!

Actually, what I had done wrong was use not Date data but Date Time data... which seems not to fit this MaskDate widget. I changed data type to Date, and it works. 

Now I have following question. Is there any way to show Date Time data using MaskDate, or it's just for Date data?