Silk UI Mobile as Outsystems UI Mobile support in O11

Hi Team

Just want to know that in O11 Silk Ui for mobile has been renamed to Outsystems UI Mobile .Application is currently using Silk UI Mobile on O10.Want to know that after up-gradation of Outsystems from 10 to 11,  this change will create any impact on the application?If yes then what are the impacts?

Hi Divya,

After upgrade you can keep using Silk UI. On forge there are versions for 11. Outsystems UI Mobile is more less the same but not everything that existed on Silk UI is already included on Outsystems UI Mobile. also the Silk UI works with Silk themes while Outsystems UI Mobile works better with Outsystems UI themes.

So if you are converting an application from 10 I would keep using Silk UI. And if you build new applications start using Outsystems UI. If you really want to convert the old application you can check this document but unfortunately is for web because I didn't find a mobile document



Marcelo Ferreira wrote:

you can check this document

Which document Marcelo? Probably you're missing a link there, no?

Maybe a link to this resource: Migrating UI of the Silk Web applications to OutSystems UI Framework


Hi Ricardo,

That's the one. Thanks for pointing it out.



Hi Divya Sharma,

As far as I'm aware, OutSystems UI Mobile is the natural evolution of Silk UI Mobile (check the update notes here). The complicated upgrade path only exists from Silk UI Web to OutSystems UI Web (as described in the link shared above).

Hope this helps!