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Published on 2019-12-06 by Sérgio Oliveira
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Published on 2019-12-06 by Sérgio Oliveira

Is it possible to disabled "Configurations" function from normal users? We have standard naming convention and do not want everyone to go and create their own sub layer. 


Hello Irene,

Although it's not possible at the moment, it's a nice feature to add in future versions.

For now, you may adapt your version by removing the 'Registered' role on the 'Configurations' screen, and only grant the 'Configurator' role to administrators.


Hi Rui,

Tried that, it will disabled access to Configurations - General Configurations. But Configurations - Modules Layers is still accessible. Remove 'Registered' role for 'Layers' screen and it works perfectly. Hopefully didn't break anything else. 

Thanks! For being my trainer too!