[Firebase Mobile] Can't generate test app with firebase mobile plugin

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Published on 17 Jul by David Sousa
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Published on 17 Jul by David Sousa


We get an error that has been posted many times now, however after going through them none of the previous solutions solves ours.

We get the same issue when using your mobile sample (nothing changed there) and we did change the app id to the sample one. 

Platform we use is: OS 11, MABS 5.0 (tried 4 aswell, no difference)

Our app generation log showed us that it cannot find the folder for the configuration files. So we analyzed your .js file that copies and unzips it. Somehow that part of the code must be unable to find it. Seems almost like it just doesn't get deployed on publish.

We had a peek in the .JS file due to the error it can't detect the correct path with this code:


We tried difference options for the name, like with .zip and without (no difference)

Initially the zip file contained only the IOS plist file, however the last attempt included also the android file, just to make sure that isn't the issue. 

Running out of options at the moment what else we can try, any suggestions?

Using the latest versions only at the moment. Just installed this plugin today. No other plugins in our test app.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jeroen,

We haven't yet encountered this issue in an iOS build.

Besides, everything seems to be well configured and according to the documentation.

Probably the best way to analyze what's happening is if you share a solution of your test application. Is that possible for you?



Hi David,

That's not a problem. Created a simple test app just to try it out. nothing secret in there ;)