How to create 99% same with this application form

Hi, I would like to ask about creating A4 layout. I am going to create an online application form. After the user fill in the form online. I want to generate a A4 form and print out. 

Example Form:

My question is how can I generate a A4 form 99% same with the physical A4 form. I check some plugin app on FORGE (e.g. Simple Reports With PDF). Is it hard to set the width of each cell? should I use Container or table to create the layout?

Please advice, Thanks

Hi Jack Wong,

You can create webblocks(accroding to your need) and use them in one page after that use

Forge Component


 it will create a pdf form than you can print this.

I have also using this in my application and its working as my need.

 Hope this will help.

Kind Regard


Hi Jack,

Step one would be to generate a PDF, like Rahul advised. The Html2PdfConverter is the go-to component for that, though there are some others, like Ultimate PDF which might be a better and easier choice. Iirc, there are some options in those components that allow you to set the preferred paper size.

Once you have a PDF, it's up to the user to print it. All modern printer drivers allow the user to select the paper size, and can scale the PDF accordingly. So even if your PDF doesn't include a paper size, printing it on A4 paper should pose no problem.