Hi all,

     When I tried to generate my mobile application for IOS I got the following error. Can anyone say what is this error and how can this be fixed?



Hi Gowtham,

You need to enable push notifications while generating the provisioning profile.

Go through with the following link:



To be more concrete to the Push Notification part. While creating/editing your App ID in the Apple Developer environment, you can select it in the list of capabilities of the App ID:

I have already created certificate and enabled push notification

Did you create the provisioning profile before or after you've enabled push notifications? I can imagine that you need to generate a new provisioning profile if you enabled push notifications afterwards.

I have generated a new provisioning profile after enabling push notifications. Now I am getting a new error

How to fix this error?

You have to make sure that you use the same certificate you choose while generating your provisioning profile is matching the one you are using in the app generation process in OutSystems.

In Apple Developer you create a provisioning profile and in one of the steps you will select a certificate, see attached image.

After you've generated your provisioning profile, you are going to use this + the certificate (the same one you selected in Apple Developer) in the app generation process.