I am using LDAP_Search action from Authentication extension (part of Users app).

LDAP_Search allows to set MaxResults parameter which overrides default 1000 value. I set it to 5000 but the action still returns 1000 records only. It seems that the parameter does not work. 

Therefore I would like to ask if anyone know how to pass "-sizelimit 0" parameter through this extension? Do I need to use 'Path' or 'Filter' input parameters? Is it possible at all?




There is a bug in the LDAP_Search action confirmed by OutSystems, see below details about it's resolution:

The fix is expected to be included in late October, in Release Oct.2019 CP1. You can keep track of the release notes for OutSystems 11 in the official release notes page. You can also keep track of the expected release dates in the OutSystems Product Releases page.

As soon as the new release with the fix is available, we recommend you updating your environments to that version so you can benefit from that fix and all others that were performed in the meantime.