develop a customized mobile responsive theme for Web application

Hi All,

I need to develop a customized theme and template for our Web application. This theme should be mobile responsive and I should be able to use the same theme for some other similar applications too with just some CSS changes like the button and header colors.
Can someone please help with how should I proceed with the development.
I tried creating a new theme using liverpool as the base theme and using this I created a sample application, but somehow it didnt work.
Do we explicitly need to write the media queries? Or am I missing on something important.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Anagha, 

You need to start by explaining What didn't work. 

What where you expecting to happen (what tests you did), what was the expected result and what was the real result. 

I am assuming you are using SilkUI. 

Did you create your own customized layout? If so, did you included the Web block from silk Ui that contain the JavaScript required for the silk Ui widgets to work? 

Also, you mentioned Media queries. Silk ui does not work with media queries. It responsiveness os device based. This mean that if you want to have your things adjust in screen based on screen size, you will have to implement this responsiveness. 


Hi Eduardo,

As of now I havent created any customized layout.
I created a theme using liverpool, and for a test application I created a header, a menu and some input boxes placed side by side for web.

My required result was I should get the menu collapsed to side(I got it) and the input boxes should have fallen one below the other(it didnt work). Instead the input boxes just reduced their sizes (still side by side like they were in web) and and were misaligned.


If you do the same thing on an application based on the Liverpool theme instead of yours, does it work as expected? 

No, The input boxes are still not falling down as expected. the menu still worked nicely. Some table structure too worked well. Its just something with the input boxes and columns i guess.
Also I tried to apply london theme directly to my application, it worked good for all the components. But not the liverpool.