I have an integer attribute (call it Class) with 3 possible values (1 2 3), and I want to have a pie chart display 3 data points with the number of entries of each value.

What I did:

Added a pie chart to a web block, pointed the SourceDataPointList field to a local variable, populated the local variable with data points inside Preparation. Preparation consists of 3 CountCompletion actions followed by 3 DataPoint_Inits, followed by 3 ListAppends. The CountCompletion action (in the Logic tab) gets the main Entity (which among other attributes has the the Class attribute) and assigns it to the Count output parameter.

My goal seems trivial, I don't know if I even need all of these steps, but at the end all I get is a blank page with what seems like a tiny vertical line. That indicates to me that the chart thinks that all values are 0 (they are not).

Am I doing it completely wrong? How do I get the pie chart to display 3 data points with the number of entries with each value? I was following an old tutorial on PieCharts, and the current OS version seems to be very different from the one in the tut.

I guess the part that I'm having trouble comprehending is populating the DataPointList with 3 points each of which is the number of entries equal to 1 2 or 3 inside the Class attribute respectively.


Got it to work. I ended up creating 3 separate CountClass actions and duplicating 3 separate queries inside of them (because for some reason they kept mirroring the other two, so I had to make 3 in each). Very silly and probably more complicated than it needs to be, but if it works it works..