How to clear and delete everything from environment to start from scratch?


We have our partner environment on cloud on which we had been working on demos, samples and test apps. Now we want to clear everything and start setting up new version of demo applications.

We want to delete and clear everything what has been done so far such as demo apps, any mobile/web apps, dependencies, extensions etc. and start from scratch in order to get a new start again. How can we do that? (except the LifeTime and ServiceCenter to manage the environment)



Hi Khurram,

If you're using a partner environment, you'd typically request for help from the Support Team to make significant changes to reset to "factory settings". 

However, if you only want to clear and delete specific demo apps you've developed, I would suggest to go to Service Center > Factory, and from there select all the demo apps you want to delete. 

This way it will be a more careful conservative approach to restore the environment for the next demo activity as you would save some time if you keep any forge components or OutSystems built-in components you've used in previous demos.

Hope this helps.