SQL input parameter set as List

Hi All,

is there any way to set SQL input parameter set as List.i understand input parameter data type donot have list

Hi Ganeshkumar Chelladurai,

What is your reason to pass a list as input parameter? What data you need to provide for the query?


we could set the list value using store procedure in sql, is that similar way can achieve in out system SQL

Ganeshkumar Chelladurai,

To approach your question, can you tell what kind of data you want to store, what size or length (of the list), and how frequently?


You can send a comma separated value in your input parameter and use IN query. That can handle the concept of list.

Hi Ganeshkumar Chelladurai,

Answering directly to your post question, it's not possible to have an input parameter of type list in an Advanced SQL widget.

In certain scenarios you can provide comma separated values as input parameter (as previous explained by this and Sourav Pasari ) , however it might not be the best option for your case.

Maybe you want to consider to use an action that wraps an extension containing a RuntimePublic.Db API (where you can run stored procedures), and receive as input parameter a List. See more information here:

Let us know if your question is answered. Cheers!