Im using the new DataGrid component in version 11.  Im having several issues and would like to know if there are any solutions.

1) I would like the Link to open a pop-up instead of another tab.  For example, i have a grid with a customer code, clicking on the code should open a pop-up that passes the customer code as a parameter, which will then populate the pop-up with the corresponding data.

2) i have a number 134656223 and would like to keep it that way but the GridColumnNumber and GridColumnText automatically format it to 134,656,223

3) Similar to point #1, i need to create a button that will open a pop-up

4) i have a webblock that has an input and depending on that input an image will be returned.  How do i use this webblock with the grid?

Hi Yamil,

Did you figure out the answers? 

I can try to help you. Would you mind to share the module or some dummy module I can look at?