Setting up order management demo app with push notification


I'm setting up order management demo app available for partners in order to conduct pre-sales demos. I have setup everything and application is working fine. Only thing that's missing is the push notification to order approval mobile app as there are no instructions provided for that. All I know is that Firebase component is being used but how to configure it.

Also, I have seen in the demo that if sales manager approves an order from order approval mobile app. It automatically refreshes the particular order in web real time. How to configure this.



Hi Khurram,

Did you read this Firebase connector tutorial?



Hi, yes I did read it before posting a question.

For now I'm able to automatically refresh the particular order in web real time when sales manager approves an order in mobile app. I have created a project in google Firebase and got Firebase_ProjectId, Firebase_Secret, updated the database rule for testing as per the tutorial.

Only a push notification is not going on mobile when any order is submitted for approval. I have created iOS App in google Firebase project, got Application Id & FCMKey, updated in site properties of OrderManagement. But push notification is not going. I don't know what I'm missing.