Platform server version upgradation from 10 to 11

Hi All,

I have all my application modules in Outsystems version 10 and the organization has decided to upgrade to Outsystems version 11. What all need to be taken care as a developer during this upgradation? I believe platform server will be upgraded with the version 11 of Outsystems and I should be connecting only with Service studio 11. Is there any deprecated widgets or system actions available only in Outsystems 10 and not available in Outsystems 11? Is there any documented guidelines for developers to follow during Outsystems version upgradation ? 



Hi Karthik,

You can check the OutSystems side effects and breaking changes for version 11. Additionally, I invite you to read the guide for upgrading OutSystems versions.

From my experience upgrading v10 to v11, there are no big issues besides some SOAP Web Services stopped working. Test your SOAP services consumption carefully.



Hi Karthik,

u can follow the checklist

however i found one problem after update...

"Text" module used to exist in OutSystems version 10, however, it no longer exists in OutSystems version 11. Nevertheless, this change was correctly contemplated in the latest version of the MultiLingualMobile Component available on the Forge.

So if u are using any component which consist Text Module then verify.

Hope this helps..