Hi there,

Our situation is as follows:

1.    Before the OutSystems application, the client printed out the Excel file (a so called Field Form), wrote all measurements on this form, typed them over in the digital Excel file and created a pdf out of this file to attached to a larger reporting file they use to update their clients.

2.    Since a few months they use the OutSystems tablet application to register measurements, without the use of paper sheets. However, they still need to attach the sheet in pdf for reporting and audit purposes.

3.    At the moment, we populate the Excel file with the "OfficeUtils" module from the Forge and store it as a File in OutSystems.

4.    The final step is to create a pdf file from this, however, with no success so far...

5.    We we're hoping to use the ExcelToPDF convertor from the Forge, but is is a rather unclear and undocumented component... 

At this moment, we could convert the Excel files to pdf manually or maybe with a VBA, but that would be of course only a temporary solution. It would be nice to have it automatically from within the app.

Also, we are looking at other options, for example use the SimpleReports to reproduce the Field Form in OutSystems and generate a PDF.

PS. I have attached a Field Form, so you can see it is not a standard table whatsoever. Please leave out the HTML to PDF convertor topics, etc. Thank you :-)

Hi Richard,

There's no attachment to your post... Can you please add it?

1. What version of OutSystems are you using?

2. Was the application created for the customer as a mobile or as a web one?

Best regards,

Rúben G

Oops, attached it.

Regarding your questions:

  1. OutSystems v11.0.537.0
  2. It is a web application.

Hi Richard van Osnabrugge,

In case SimpleReports and ExcelToPDF are not your preferred option, consider to wrap an extension that convert an Excel directly to PDF.

The extension would only contain some lines of code, and can be used through an action in your application. See here a tutorial: https://www.iditect.com/tutorial/xlsx-to-pdf/

(note: if you are using a mobile device, you might need to execute extension code in a server).

I hope this helps!

Hi Marco,

That looks very promising! I'm gonna give it a try and will let you now the outcome.