Silk UI Lisbon Theme - Landing pages


I'm wanting to recreate the landing page examples shown at: (if prompted for a password select 'take the tour' and select Landing Page 1 from the landing pages drop down).

I've installed the Lisbon template and Silk UI sample pages, but couldn't find any layouts or components which looked like those used on the landing pages.

I wonder if the landing pages have been removed from the recent versions of the sample pages?

If you've created similar layouts using OutSystems I'd be interested in any pointers or suggestions. 


Hi OutSystemsUser,

Extra sample pages/screen templates are provided in a separate module you can install from the Forge as well.

The landing pages you see on the Lisbon Theme Preview are using a few extra patterns (Website_Title and Website_Section) that are also used in the second Silk UI Lisbon template (aptly called Website).