I am trying to create a simple app that will allow me to send my images to my PC, possibly create a gallery and have some share buttons. 

Is there any templates already similar, and if so where do I look

many thanks


Hi Michael,

Did you mean by "send my images to my PC" is through download? If that's the case then, create a simple view using gallery component. You also need to make CRUD for your image maintenance. 

Hi and thanks

I am 63 and never ever try anything like this cyruacvc, its all a bit overwhelming, so CRUD is something I know nothing about, I will try to find this gallery component.

again thanks it is wonderful



I see so basically, CRUD is Create, Read, Update, Delete. You need to set your database first. Create entity for your images, 

Make sure the Image attribute is set to Binary Data

1. Make the screen for Create:

Include a upload widget on your screen so you can store those images in your database

2. Make the screen for Read:

So in here you can simply add the Gallery, inside that add a ListRecord - this will then reference the Images entity you previously created. Then add the image binary on it.

3. Add download button

In the download button, get the file binary of that image, then use download at the end of that action


Hello Michael, 

If you didn't finish the online Web development training, I recommend you doing it. 

You need a page to upload images and store them in the database. 

You can then create a page to show your images with the gallery widget mentioned (you can also look into forge to see if there is any other component. 

As regarding to share, like in social media? There are components in the Forge to help, but configuring them can be tricky... 

But a little search on Google for OutSystems how to upload image, and OutSystems how to use gallery will help you with the first two.