We want to set it up so that if someone sends an email to tool1-users@myserver.com that that email will be received and then, based on parsing out the "tool1" and "users" our system will get all users registered with that tool in our db and then resend the email to all of those people with the from address as the original person who sent the email.  We can do everything now except for receiving the email and parsing out the information.  Any idea how to set it up so that @myserver.com we can receive any email that comes to that address and then parse out the information?

Hi Jason,

What you need to do depends a little bit on the available ways you have to access the email account. Out-of-the-box, you have the RichMail extension that lets you get emails from a server/account with POP3:

Then you could process the from/body of each email and look for your keywords. If you can't access the email account with POP3, you'd have to look for alternate arrangements: an API or a Forge component.