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Published on 4 May (4 weeks ago) by Henrique Batista
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Published on 4 May (4 weeks ago) by Henrique Batista

We have currently impletemented the IDP module with the IDP Mobile component to serve our mobile application. 

But currently we are having issues of authenticating our user towards backend systems after he has succesfully logged in through the SSO portal.
This seems due to the IDP component only handling the logging of the user into Outsystems throught the SSO portal, but not providing a token that later can be used for backend systems.

Can this be achieved or implemented?

Kind regards

Hi Dieter,

Tokens to be used on backend systems are not part of SAML standard. Are you talking about some aditional customization, or perhaps what you need for your use case it's a oauth2/openid client (and not a saml client)?