Null Value for RichWidgets\Input Calendar


We have an input Calendar box from RichWidgets\Input Calendar. 

We have set the dateformat as %d-%m-%y

We need that the input Calendar box shows no value when the date is null. So we have tried to use in the input the NULL VALUE as 

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and it does not work. It still shows a date....

We have tried to use #01-01-1900# in the NULL VALUE and it is giving an error. I suppose the fact that we have set the dateformat, disables the NULL VALUE in the input.... is there a way to prevent to show null dates for this case? thanks!

Jorge Almeida


have you tried setting the Null Value of the input to NullDate() ?

yep. the same thing happens. Besides... nulldate() is the same as #1900-01-01#

Hi Jorge,

What do you mean by "Input Calendar box"?
I just set up the input calendar with your format and defined the input's NullValue as #1900-01-01# and everything seems to be working...


same here as Eduardo, see oml

Hi Dorine,

For me, it worked as expected (besides the fact that I don't see the prompt in your input).

But I am working with version 11, and it seems you both are working on an older version? 10? 9?
This may be a bug in an older version of Richwidgets, I don't know. 

This topic seems to relate to a similar problem, and the solution seems to be something like:

= True  

In input box extend properties.
You can try to see if it works.



mine is working, just added the oml for jorge to see how


Sorry :)