[Ultimate PDF] PageCount does not work on RepeatHeading

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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes


It would be interesting that it works on RepeatHeading.


Hi Horacio,

Can you be more specific? Is there issue with doc header?


Swatantra Kumar

Hello Horacio. What's your use case for having a page count in the RepeatHeading?

Have you tried using the page count inside the Header of the PrintLayout web block? Could you let me know if that doesn't meet your requirements?


I tried to put the PageCount inside the Header of the PrintLayout web block of UltimatePDF but it does not show when generating the PDF.... I have published the plugin, then updated references in my main project, published it but when I generate the PDF, the PageNumbers are not there..... can you please provide some help? Thank you!

As you can see, when opening the generated PDF, there is nothing in the header nor the footer:

Please advise, thanks.

Hello Ulises.

I've tried the Demo provided in the version 1.0.2 and it works like a charm (see in attachment).

Just make sure to update the references of that Demo before giving it a shot.

I also believe you should be able to use what is being done in the Demo as reference to overcome your problem.

Thank you,

Ricardo Costa

Thank you, version 1.0.2 works well with traditional web. The demo works fine with the Page Number, now I'm trying to replicate that solution into my project.

Hi Ulises. Have you been able to get the page numbers working? If not, could you share an example report so we can troubleshoot?

Hi Leonardo,

Thank you, yes, I was able to replicate using the correct version for traditional web, I'm sorry I dind't reply in this thread, I did it in this one:


Thanks again!