[Pushwoosh Plugin] DeviceType mismatch in module and PW site documentation

Forge Component
Published on 18 May (2 weeks ago) by Pushwoosh
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Published on 18 May (2 weeks ago) by Pushwoosh

As per the requirement we are using the PW plugin forge component, however we are facing issue related to GetDeviceType() function.(As shown below in screenshot)

We use this function to get the device type i.e. Android, IOS etc and store that information to device table in the PushNotificationsApi module.

GetDeviceType() function returns the devicetypeid  (as shown above) by referring the static entity DeviceType  (as shown below).

The issue: There is a mismatch between the device type values mentioned in Pushwoosh site Documentation (as shown below ) and in PushNotificationsApi’s “DeviceType” static entity .

The static entity refers that IOS and Android devices ids are 1 and 2 respectively (as shown in above screen shot) but in Pushwoosh site’s documentation the device id’s mismatches say IOS and Android have 1 and 3 respectively.

Please confirm if you concur that there is a Mismatch and thus there is an ISSUE.

Also let us know if there is any correction planned or implemented elsewhere so that we can follow the same and implement in our project.