BPM and process approval and re assignment from a mobile interface

Hello All,

Just looking for some architectural guidance on how to push human process 'approvals' and task 're assignment' into a mobile interface. As an example we need to surface 'approval' tasks with say swipe left or swipe right options to 'Approve' or 'Reassign' or other actions. Along with working 'online' and 'offline' options.

We have completed the online 'Master Class on Modelling Business Processes' and understand the Web based Task box. Just looking for a best practise, slick mobile option.

Thanks J

Hello John.

BPT is a server-side technology, so you cannot run human activities on a mobile device, let alone while offline. You will also find that the Inbox doesn't work on mobile apps, although it would be possible to build a custom mobile inbox.

My advice to you is to use normal entities with a static entity guiding the status of the process. You can still have a process bound to the entity, for example, to handle asynchronous server-side tasks, for example sending notifications or updating external systems. But build your process based on server actions (and client actions, to support mobile).

Having a normal entity with a status field allows you to map it to local storage easily and support your offline scenarios.