[Firebase Mobile] Unable to link App to Firebase Project

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Published on 2019-11-04 by David Sousa
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Published on 2019-11-04 by David Sousa

Hi David,

I'm trying to use the Firebase Mobile plugin to gather Crashlytics on our App.

I have gone trough the process of setting up the projects, (for the different environments) and the apps on each project (Android / iOS).

I have included the zip files in my app, but I'm unable to link the app when running to the app configured in the Firebase Console.

I have tried the same with the Firebase Mobile Sample app, and it worked first time without any issues...

I'm wandering, apart of including the zip files and the reference to the Firebase Mobile module, do I need to do anything else? Is there any script or action I need to run?

Hi Julio,

What do you mean by - not able to link ?

- Are you not able to generate build

- Did you generate the build with the correct package-name i.e App Identifier 

- Are u using the Firebase for ios & Android or any-one.

You told u try the same file with Sample App & it works.. this Indicates that you have configured firebase project with the Sample App Package-Name.

You can either update the App Identifier in the Firebase Project or 

Simply try to build your main Project with the Same Package name you added in Firebase.

Hope it helps,