Tables become matrix of field and values when screen too small

HI Everyone, 

I'm using the base theme from OutSystems Web UI.  i'm finding that when i have a table of data and the page dimensions are reduced sufficiently, the table field names in the header suddenly multiply by the number of records in the table so that it creates a matrix display.  

Anyone come across this before or have any thoughts on how to fix it?

I'm using OutSystems Web UI v 1.7.0

Before resizing

After resizing

Hi Steve,

This seems something related to the Emulation Mode (that should not be an issue in production).
I can't reproduce it, unfortunately.

Could you provide a module that shows this behaviour?

In any case, you probably want to open a support ticket explaining the issue and append your module so that the team can identify the problem.

I'll pass the word on, also.


Hi Eduardo, 

Thanks for responding.  I suspect it's due to nested web blocks.  I'm getting quite buggy unexpected behaviour in general.   I'm not able to share the actual space, but you raise a very good point though, I'll try building an example space to see what reproduces it.

Kind regards



Hi Steve, 

It seems it is caused by a bug with word wrap. The team is fixing and when it is live they will come here to tell. 



Thanks Eduardo!

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the feedback on this issue.

We are looking into it and you should expect a fix on the next release :)