Drag and Drop in list sortable in outsystems mobile


Please anyone having idea about the "Drag And Drop in a sortable list" in oyutsystems mobile.If any one has working on this concept. please share about this concept.

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Hi Shaheen,

To Use  "Drag And Drop in a sortable list" in oyutsystems mobile follow this step.

1. On your screen use List List group widget and ther cloumns which you want to display.

2. Provide a link on cloumn or icon and associate with a client funtion on event.

 Look at below screen

3.use one variable for order by asc or desc  cloumns

4.check if variable true then set false or if false then set true else you choose your condition

5.In List Sort action provide list name,By cloumn name which cloumn you want sort and Ascending if true mean cloumn order by ascending or flase mean Descending.

Hope this will help.

Kind Regard