One of our developers couldn't compile a module anymore and got the following error message:

The problem occurred after adding an attribute of type Email to a static entity in a core module. The core module itself was still able to publish, but any module referencing that core module’s static entity (or an action using that static entity) couldn’t publish anymore resulting in the annexed error.

Changing the data type of the attribute of the static entity from Email to Text enabled him to publish the consumer modules again.

Anybody had this issue before? Any reason why email doesn't work in a static entity?

Although I must admit that I don't see the use case of adding an email address to a static entity, reality is that service studio allows it. Perhaps this should simply be blocked ...

Hi Kurt,

I wasn't able to reproduce this until I remembered to add a record to the Static Entity (an empty Static Entity will allow a reference just fine), but now it's impossible to publish as you describe.

Speaking of attributes that should be disabled in Static Entities, it's also possible to add Binary Data attributes, but then there's no obvious way to add data to these fields.