Hello everyone!

We are developing a Web application for a client that has a lot of accelerators. To minimize the network impact we're trying to keep as many of these client side. However we're getting stuck on how to change the inputs that are bound to a Dropdown Select widget with Javascript.

$(elem).val() and those variations didn't work, so we know it doesn't behave as a normal combo box...

By exploring the component, we've seen that it is an implementation of Choices: (https://github.com/jshjohnson/Choices) but we haven't found a way to get the result we want...

If anyone has had the same issue or knows how to work around it, we would appreciate the help.


Hello Lara,

I had a quick try with a sample oml, see attached.  Works for me, let me know if this is not what you meant.


Hi Dorine, thanks for the help, but our issue is when we add the dropdown select component we lose the ability to change the value that way...