Error while generating .apk file

Hello Team,

I am trying to build a simple outsystems plugin from a cordova plugin CleverTap.

I implement the basic functionality using template_plugin and after that I used this plugin in my test module.

So, I am not able to generate .apk of test module because of following error.

"Error generating application. At least one Cordova plugin used in the build requires an AndroidX library, which is not currently compatible with MABS. Check your plugins configuration."

Please find attached error log file.

As the message states, your plugin is using some libraries that are not supported by the current MABS version. My suggestion, taking a quick look at your repository, is that you try to import a older release that still might point out to pre-AndroidX library implementation and see if it works.

If not, my suggestion is that either you change the code to avoid that dependency - not recommended - or open a support case, although I don't think you'll be successful within a reasonable timeframe.


Allow me to point you to the Troubleshooting Guide, specifically the AndroidX section, it might help you overcome this blocker.


João Gonçalves