How does Outsystems 10 handle database transaction?

For this post, I am referring to this link,

The client has a on-premise Outsystems 10 installed with SQL Server 2016.

Considering the following simplified server action,

Start > Loop through everyone in the community center > Create/Add new Person > Loop through each events in the calendar > Create/Add new event into each new person list > End

Imagine, while looping through the list of calendar, if there is an error (such as invalid characters) adding/creating new hobby into each person list, will Outsystems do a full rollback? In other words, I am hoping Outsystems will either commit everything or commit nothing.



What part of the document you reference is not clear.  I think it answers your question.

If an exception occurs by default the transaction will be aborted.

You can influence the default behaviour as outlined in the document.

Exception Handlers have option to set wether to abort or not the current transaction.