Automated email in outsystems mobile


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I want to develop a "Automated email in outsystems mobile" .If anyone have knowledge on this concept please share the oml file.

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Hi Shaheen sara,

The platform natively supports sending emails, you just need to design them as you would design a web screen them send them from a Screen or Server Action. You will need to elaborate what you mean by "automated email" (it would be possible to use Timers to trigger sending emails at specific moments) and how this all relates to your mobile device.

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Hi Jorge Martins,

I am very glad to your immediate response ..Thank you very much,

Directly from outsystems mobile we not able send mail?

Can u send any sample oml file using timers concept, with that i will get clarity of the concept.

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Hi Shaheen sara,

Mobile apps cannot send emails directly.

You can have your mobile app open the default email client to allow the user to write an email (using the Email Composer plugin) and send it using the device's configurations or you may be able to leverage JavaScript to call external email services directly. 

There's a sample on how to send emails on mobile apps here. It mentions O10 but should work for O11 as well.

Unfortunately I cannot provide you with any sample implementation of a Timer, but if you have gone through the online training, the chances are you already were exposed to Timers... the bootstrap process (where you populate your Entity from an Excel file) creates a timer, that you can examine. The first paragraph of the documentation on how to use them explains what you can use timers for.