Hi All,

I recently read this article to understand how splash screen work within OutSystems. From my reading there are two splash screens:

1)  One for "Web View Loading"

2) OutSystems custom Splash Screen

My question is how can i change the color of the "Web View Loading" splash screen? This is currently set to the primary color of the app but I wish to use a different color. 

Hi Anthony Phan,

Maybe you want to change the class "splash-screen" that is present in style sheet of the "Splash" screen.

Is this what you were asking?


Hi Marco,

Unfortunately no. The .splash-screen CSS style changes the background colour of the OutSystems splash screen but not the Web view splash screen. From the below animated picture the screen i am refering to is the white screen that flashes for a split second. 

Hi Anthony Phan,

And if you apply a similar style to the page (which calls the splash screen), does that solves your issue?


Hi Anthony Phan,

Any progress on this topic? Were you able to find a solution to this problem?


I believe the color of the Web view splash screen is automatically set by the system based on the color you selected for your application (or was generated based on your App logo color).

Try changing this value and re-regerating the App.

Hi Anthony,

The blog where you got the gifs from references the official documentation of OutSystems. It seems that you can only do this with (background) pictures and not with CSS. I would recommend following this procedure and create the pictures with the color you need.




I followed the information in this website ( https://medium.com/outsystems-engineering/make-outsystems-apps-stand-out-splash-screen-customization-d669fec7d22c ) and had a positive outcome. As other members already suggested you, I think you should follow this path.

Best regards,

João Delgado