Hi All,

I recently read this article to understand how splash screen work within OutSystems. From my reading there are two splash screens:

1)  One for "Web View Loading"

2) OutSystems custom Splash Screen

My question is how can i change the color of the "Web View Loading" splash screen? This is currently set to the primary color of the app but I wish to use a different color. 

Hi Anthony Phan,

Maybe you want to change the class "splash-screen" that is present in style sheet of the "Splash" screen.

Is this what you were asking?


Hi Marco,

Unfortunately no. The .splash-screen CSS style changes the background colour of the OutSystems splash screen but not the Web view splash screen. From the below animated picture the screen i am refering to is the white screen that flashes for a split second. 

Hi Anthony Phan,

And if you apply a similar style to the page (which calls the splash screen), does that solves your issue?


Hi Anthony Phan,

Any progress on this topic? Were you able to find a solution to this problem?