This may be a simple thing but I am still getting used to using outsystems but, is there a way you can set what you type into an input box to be a certain thing? 

so for example:

I have a box and it only writes into the box if I type numbers in; if I type text it wont display in the box at all



Hi Reed Badman,

Maybe you want to take a look into input masks.

You can use this component:

Does this help?



Hi Reed,

You can also set the Type on the input box to only allow text or numbers.

If you select Number, it won't display Text.



you can set the type of input, in the input property itself.

ex: text,number...



Another very easy to use component in the Forge you could consider is:

An easy and lightweight way to restrict characters in a input text field.

Options available:

  • Just Numbers
  • Just Letters   
  • Just Alpha and Numbers  
  • Email   Currency   Date
  • Just Numbers and Hiphen
  • Cpf / Cnpj (Brazil documents)
  • Phone Numbers

In the Demo project that you can also download you can see how to use it.