Hi there,

Suppose we have a very long @Title (text type) of @ListItemContent

Could you please clarify how I can render @Title by only one line?

I mean all symbols of @Title which are overflowed should be hidden and @Title should be displayed no more than one line.


Mirzarashid Abbasov

You can calculate the length and add suspension points:

If(Length(text) <= 32, text, Substr(text,0,29) + "...")


Hi Mirzarashid,

1. By your explanation I understand that you want to cut the overflowed text, so you can easily overcame this by defining how much symbols fit in your @ListItemContent, and use the build-in-function Substr(@Title, 0, X).

X represents the number of symbols that fit on your @ListItemContent, if you notice that 20 characters can fit your @ListItemContent, 20 could be a good starting point :)

2. You can also do it using css

  text-overflow: ellipsis;
  white-space: nowrap;
  overflow: hidden;

3.In other case if I miss understand you and you can't cut the symbols you will need to define the font size depending on the characters count of each element.

Best Regards,

José Santos.


Hi Denis, José

Thank you for your support. It's clear.

Mirzarashid Abbasov