How to Share an application with a team

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How To Share an application with team members

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Hi Mounika,

Can you elaborate a little bit on the scenario?

Nuno Rolo wrote:

Hi Mounika,

Can you elaborate a little bit on the scenario?

Hai Nuno,

Thank you for your response..I am developing an app in web module and i want to share it with the other members.How can i share my app to others


Let me try to answer that, first of all, please note that the Personal Environment it's an individual environment that should be used for development purposes only. It can't be shared with other developers. 

In order for you to share components, and by components I mean things that you want to share with all community that for some reason will bring added value, those you can upload them into the Forge.

Hope this clarifies your doubts.

Hi Mounika,

In addition to Nuno's answer, when you are working in an enterprise environment, without any extra configuration of teams, each LifeTime user with developer role should be able to see and change the application.

Additional rules for teams and user roles can be applied in a multi-team domain driven OutSystems factory.

For more information you can read: