When doing a deploy to Production environment because of AOs we had the need to delete some  recently deployed applications.

When we deleted them in Production checking the logs in service center about 2-3 min after they were also deleted in the development environment.

Is this behavior possible? or must have been some kind of human error?


Hi Goncalo,

No if you delete an application in your Production Environment it will not delete the application in any other environment. Which logs did you find that the application was deleted in your Development Environment?

Kind regards,
 Martijn Habraken

In Monitoring > General Log > Application (System) we can see the Espaces that were deleted.

But from what you said and what i was thinking it must have been an human error.

And this was in Service Center of your Development environment? 

Yes, i checked the times i said in both Production and in Development.


Then I'm quite sure that there is a human error is involved.