Say I have 3 modules:

Module A, B & C.

Module C is a 'child' module of A & B, that is; it is referenced by modules A & B.

When I make changes to C I have to update and publish, once that is done, to see any changes I have to then re-publish A & B after refreshing all module references.

Is there any way to automatically refresh all references during 1-click publish so that A & B are up to date, or even better; when C is published can A & B automatically get refreshed/updated & published after C has been?


Hi Jim,

From my view,  when i face this will do it by Service Center.

       Login in to Service Center,

       Go to Espace tab which is under Factory.

       Search for the Espace(C module) which is consuming by A & B in your scenario.

       Click on Publish all Consumer button.

This will automatically Refresh all Reference and Publish Your A and B Module.

 Think this may help you.



Thank you,

I will give it a shot

it worked exactly how I wanted, it would have been a bit of a walk around the houses to find it if you had not have shown me!


Hello Dear Members!

I have exactly same situation related to Java stack installation of the platform. Is there any way to automatically refresh all references for J2EE stack?