How to send user to the top of the screen after an action?

Hi, I'm new in outsystems and can't solve this problem for a while...

I have a screen action (Ajax Submit) that in the end, changes a variable value that will result in changing the content (container) displayed in the screen. The problem is that the button is in the end of the first container. The result is that when the next container is displayed, I'm also in the end of it, insted of being in the top, like if it was a new web screen.

I've found some solutions in this forum, but none of them worked for a button that has another action happening. 

First Content= Click on Button Next

Second Content = Redirected to the end of the content

I was able to accomplish this by adding the following to the extended properties to a container at the top of my page.

osTagName    with a value of 

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"A name='nameOfYourChoosing'"

Then in your screen action add a RunJavascript action with the script below.

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Hi Tarek,

you can add another button on the screen that scrolls to the top  (navigate to "#") :

make sure this button is hidden, for example in the preparation ;

and at the end of your existing ajax submit screen action, use a widget_click on this button after the ajax refresh

Is this what you are after ?


Edit : you can add Widget_Click and Widget_Hide as dependencies from the RichWidgets producer 


Thank you very much Josh and Dorine,

Both of your suggestions worked.

 I just had to make an ajustment in your action Dorine... I used the widget_click before the ajax refresh, in the beggining of the action.

Best regards,