I want to refresh one row of table records so how I can do this.

Hello Vivek,

When you use an Ajax Refresh over a TableRecords or ListRecords in the Screen, you can optionally specify a Row Number:

But there is an important aspect here. 

When you Ajax Refresh the entire TableRecords or ListRecords, the platform rebuilds it, it fetches the data from its source again. This means that if you had made changes to that source, the TableRecords or ListRecords will reflect those changes in the screen. For example, you can use a DataRefresh in the aggregate that is the source before ajax refresh the TableRecords or ListRecords.

When you Ajax Refresh a single Row of a TableRecords or ListRecords, the platform DOES NOT rebuild the entire list and DOES NOT fetch the data from the source again, even if you use a Data Refresh before the Ajax Refresh.

In that case, in the screen action, you need to manually change the TableRecords or ListRecords List row, as the platform will use what is inside it already to rebuild the row in the screen.

Hope this helps.