How can I view all the data in the entity from service studio


I want to check all the data existing in the entity

Is there any way to check the database for personal environment, as in service studio i can see only few records when i click on view data for the entity.Is there any possibility to check entire data.



Hi Pavani,

No, the preview of aggregates or the view data option of an Entity will only show a subset of the data.
You could use the SQL widget but I think you will run into the same problem.

What use case do you have for this?

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken

EDIT: Testing in a SQL widget will return 100 rows by default. You can change this default value:

Why not doing a simple application and use scaffolding to show the data, without any filters, or export data (without filters) to excel? 


Hey Pavani,

You could do a simple advanced query if you want to see more data than the view data shows you:

Jose Torrao