What will trigger a need for tagging a new version for a mobile app in Lifetime?

During our deployments to next environments (OTAP) we noticed that sometimes the version is marked as changed (+) while we just deployed it to the next environment.

In the example screenshot you can see that the first version is tagged as 1.14. On TST and ACC it's marked as 1.14+ (and PROD is older, but that's normal, that doesn't have the new version).

We didn't change any plugins or whatsoever.

Can it depend on the MOBS server/configuration? They are the same. (Use specific version: 5.0).

If we redeploy the app it still isn't marked as the same.

Anyone have some suggestions?

Kind regards,


Hi peter,

This may due to Missing Reference (dependence) while moving from one environment to another.

Please have a look on the module, which is in the application which your are trying to move.

Just a suggestion.