Is there Alternate Way to update License without using ServiceCenter?

Hello All, In my current project we are using an OutSystem application in 300+ offices, where we are facing difficulty in updating the license file for each office. We need to login and perform the license update in every service center individually, though the license file is same for all 300+ offices. I found that there is a table osadmin.ossys_activation where the license is being stored (?). Is it possible to automate updating license to all 300+ service centers in one go by updating a sql script with license Key and thus avoiding uploading license via ServiceCenter? Kindly let me know whether it is possible and does it have any negative effect if we update it via database script.


Leandro Correa wrote:

Hi Somesh,

Take a lookt at

Hello Leandro,

Thanks for the link. I could see a CLI is present for OutSystems in the form of 

But I believe below line is executed at the time of installation. (Is that so?) --upload-license license_file

Please confirm whether the above line can be executed in all the 300+ office servers with a new license file. And after execution of above line, does --scinstall also need to be executed?

As of now I have idea of iterating over all 300 servers via a shell script and when inside the server, execute the above line code and thus license file is installed, saving time not manually installing it via ServiceCenter.

Please advise me whether it is possible/feasible. Thanks in advance.