Editable Table key commands not working when used with dropdown select widget

Hello everyone,

We are trying to use editable tables due to the key navigation commands since our users are used to not using their mouses. We also have a request to use a smart search on the dropdowns, hence using the dropdown select widget.

However when we combine both, the key commands stop working on the editable table. After looking at the code for the editable table, it looks like it checks for a certain type of element (Constants.InputSelector = "input:not([type='submit']), textarea, select";) and it cannot detect the select widget anymore since the select itself becomes readonly.

Has anyone stumbled into this issue before? Any alternative to the dropdown select that would be able to be detected by the editable table?

Thank you!


Hello Lara,

I think this is a common "incompatibility" problem, and being something related to EditableTables, I don't think you will find a ready solution.

One possible workaround would be to clone the Dropdown Selected widget and change it somehow to make the keyboard navigation keep working. Don't know how much work this would imply, or even if you really can do it... (probably yes, but again, never did it).

Another would be to use TableRecords and mimic EditableTable behaviour. 

I already did the last one, as EditableTables have a LOT of problems...
But it is not something as easy to use, as you will have to adapt every TableRecords you want to uses as an if it was an EditableTable. That is quite some work, even if you try to make some generalizations.

I'll ask around to see if someone has a better idea, but I am not too optimistic...



Though not the answer we would like, I guess this is the only option we have...