About Function to Delete one of the Data from List

I'd like to implement the function to select  one of the "Japaneseand "English" Entity Attribute Data in QA Entity and delete it.  

I'm having difficulty creating the function. I'm not sure how to implement it......

Would you happen to know how to implement this kind of Delete Function?

Best Regareds,

Hi Tsubasa!

This video may look a bit outdated but may help you: 


What I suggest in this case is something like a button *Delete* on that table connected to a screen action with a Delete entity action for that effect.


Hi Tsubasa Yoshikawa,

You want to delete a row from a list. If this is correct, then you can use the Delete option bypassing the Id of the particular row from the CURD operation of the Entity. I hope it will help it.


Hi Tsubasa,

I have a fresh article on medium on how to delete a record from a TableRecords in the screen, using Scaffolding, and with the explanation on how it works.

Hope it will be useful.


P.S. There is also a link to a Forge application that contains an example