Serialize JSON Name instead of OS Name

Hi there,

I am wondering can we serialize to use  Name in Json (in structure, minscore 2 - with space) instead of OS Name - minscore2 - without space?

I need this because of audit trail purpose to mimics the real request to a rest.

[I can use on Before Request - i tried, but for minimum impact, i just want if there is another beautiful way]




That question would have been very easy to find out yourself, by just trying.

But as you asked, yes that is possible. The Name in JSON allows for spaces.

This would be the generated JSON {"minScore 2": "a value" }




Hi 'this' 

Not sure I understood your question. 

When you serialize the list/structure, it is not using the Name in Json? It should. 

What are you using for serialize it? The built-in Serialize or something else? 


The 'Name' property cannot contain spaces, the 'Name In JSON' property can contain spaces.

No need to use OnBeforeRequest to handle this.


I use Ardo Outsystems2Json and it uses the OS name instead of the JSON Name. Fortunately, the os official widget serialize in a correct behavior.


Thank you very much Sirs!

u rock!