Hi ,

We need input from OutSystem prospective on below points.

  • Is Image tinting supported by OutSystem ?
  • Do we need separate license for CMS to manage all data?
  • Need to integrate app with OpenId oath 2.0 integration for all  global dealers & agents.
  • What is Architecture diagram to host portal app as app will require global access?
  • Any addition costing for hosting app?

Any thoughts on the approaches and guidance in the right direction will be helpful in providing us more insights.please help on it



Hello Ravi,

1) What functionlities do you'll expect when talkign about 'Image tinting'?

2) What do you'll mean with seperate licence for CMS? With OS there is one licence where the costs depends on the amount off application objects, amount of users on the platform and which infrastructure

3) This depends on the dealers/agents and which functionalities they offer. There are already quite some integrations made that are available in the forge: Click here.

4) I would suggest to take a look at the learing path available: Click here. You could also take a look at: Click here

5) Maybe check this page: Click here

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For image tinting, you'd probably want to take a look at CSS Filters, which you can certainly use in an OutSystems application: