Someone know a faster way to change sequence of assigns inside assign flow element ?


Sometimes I like to put several related assigns inside one assign flow element, and while I develop I change my mind about the sequence things should happen in.  

When I would have used separate flow elements, it would have been as simple as redrawing some of the arrows to change the sequence, but when I put them all in one element, I end up copying and pasting assign statements.  It works but it's slow and error prone.

I don't see any obvious way (such as dragging them or a context menu to insert an extra statement at a given location.)  Does anyone know of another way to change the sequence, rather than making room by copying and pasting ?

For example, in below assign, I would like to switch the first with the second statement.  So now, I copy the first to 4th, then copy second to first, then cut and paste 4th to second.  Any faster ways of doing this ??



Hi Dorine,

In Service Studio you have the following features regarding assign:

  • move assigns up and down using Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down in a assign node with multiple assigns (you can also click on the drowpdown icon the assign and chose the Move Up/Down from the menu
  • split a multiple assign in two (select an assign the click on dropdown icon, and select 'split all below into new assign'
  • select multiple assigns, right mouse click then select 'merge assigns'




Brilliant, thank you Daniel